Information for Guests Needing Special Assistance

The Helen Keller Birthplace Foundation is committed to providing superior customer service to all guests to Ivy Green. We offer a variety of services to ensure the best possible accessibility to the house, grounds and facilities in recognition of the diversity of our general public’s abilities and needs. To arrange for assistance, call (256) 383-4066, or speak with an Ivy Green staff member upon arrival.

GUESTS WITH LIMITED MOBILITY Much of the grounds and some areas of the home are wheelchair accessible. For most convenient access, drop off is available at the rear of the home. Guests in wheelchairs can explore most rooms on the first floor of the House. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted as long as they do not exceed the 30″ dimensions of the interior doorways of the house.

Ivy Green is a historic site, so not all paths are smooth by wheelchair, but are accessible. Our map of Ivy Green provides an overview of the site. Most paths are either brick or bare ground. Wheelchair access to the home, the grounds and the outdoor theatre at Ivy Green, is possible. Access to the home may require assistance, depending on the wheelchair type and/or occupant strength. Accessible restrooms, are located on the grounds but not inside the home. Guests with limited mobility are advised to build extra time into their schedule.

BLIND AND PARTIALLY SIGHTED GUESTS  Certified service dogs are allowed in the house only when utilized for assisted care. Please email or call  (256) 383-40666 or inform an Ivy Green staff member upon purchasing your ticket. 

HEARING IMPAIRED GUESTS  We have brochures for deaf or hearing impaired guests.

ACCESSIBLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS Ivy Green can adapt its tours to address the accessibility, developmental or academic needs of students. Please discuss your groups’ needs when scheduling your visit.